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Online Roulette

No casino is complete without the crowd-enticing presence of a roulette table, and it’s no different here. Play roulette online with us for the chance to win across a huge range of tables. Spin the online roulette wheel in a variety of different versions, and enjoy one of the most popular casino games in the UK.

Roulette Games

You’ll find multiple ways to play on our site – from the classic American Roulette, to an incredible 3D version. Take a look at all the options across our great collection of games.

Ideal for those who want to start small, our 10p Roulette game allows you to play using both Spread Betting and Drag Betting options. Check it out today.

3D provides incredibly immersive action. Spin the wheel and you’ll not only encounter captivating graphics, but also benefit from being able to place several wagers at the same time.

Try the fast-paced American variant. This form of the classic game lets you bet on numbers, groups of numbers or ‘zones’ of the wheel – offering a host of possible payouts.

Pull up to our very own table for something that truly stands out. The La Partage, or half back rule, applies if the ball lands on ‘0’.

Play Streets of Gold for all the features and bets of a classic game, with the added option of an enticing side bet. Light up all 12 streets on offer for an amazing 500/1 pay out.

Another amazing option with thrilling side bet possibilities, Phoenix offers a variety of game features, including the opportunity to tap into a unique bonus round.

Play Roulette Online

A simple yet classic game, the anticipation that comes with spinning the roulette wheel is matched only by the suspense of waiting to see if your number comes up. Playing with Virgin Games offers you so many possibilities.

  • Choose from traditional tables and fun new games

  • Try and spin to a win from just a 10p stake

  • Learn how to play quickly, with the help of simple instructions

  • Choose from a fun selection of tables

  • Save your favourite betting patterns

  • Make exciting side bets

  • Be in with a chance of winning amazing jackpots

  • Interact with other players

Mobile Roulette

We aim to offer you the best experience possible, and that includes full flexibility to play wherever you choose – whether that’s on your laptop, tablet or mobile. If you’re looking to game while on the go, look no further than our mobile app. Download and enjoy spinning the online wheel, no matter where you are!

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Online Roulette FAQs

Got some pressing questions that need answering before you start spinning? Here are some common queries answered.

Can you win at online roulette?

It’s possible to win a payout on any individual spin of a roulette wheel. But your chances of winning – and the size of any payout – will depend on the bet you place and the specific game you are playing.

What is the best place to play roulette online?

There are various casinos providing a range of experiences. However, Virgin Games offers an incredible selection of roulette games – including opportunities to try it in 3D and play with lower stakes if you are learning.

Does roulette have a strategy?

Roulette is a simple game to play – you spin the wheel and place bets on where you think the ball will land. As this is a game of chance, there’s no concrete way of winning with a strategy.

A number of approaches are used by some players, including spread-betting, the Martingale Strategy, the D’Alembert Strategy and the Fibonacci Strategy. It’s important to note that these strategies vary in their level of risk, and there’s no way to be certain of winning a game.