● All wins pay out in cash● No caps on winnings● No fees on withdrawals

Online Poker

Online poker has changed. Wild Seat Poker is our innovative Texas Hold’em poker game that combines fast action with mystery payouts of up to £100,000.

Wild Seat Poker

Poker Tournaments

Virgin Games Poker

Wild Seat Poker is the exciting online poker game that is Texas Hold’em Poker with a pretty major twist – that being mystery payouts of up to 10,000x your buy-in!

Online Poker Tournaments

Our poker tournaments are played as No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker games, with four players included in each game. The buy-ins start at £1, with the standard rules of this online poker applied. Our poker tournaments do not require any sort of download, so you can start playing straight away.

Mystery Payouts

Wild Seat Poker games differ from typical online poker games in that they only pay out one prize to the winner, which is not revealed until the end of the game. The maximum payout in this game is an incredible 10,000x your buy-in.

Poker Hosts

Our poker hosts are there to chat to you and answer any questions you may have during your game. Our hosts will even enter some of the tournaments – but don’t worry, any winnings they get are added to the freerolls pot.