Ted Big Money Scratchcard

Buy a ticket and you could win online casino prizes in Ted Big Money Scratchcard.

The Wheel of Fartune Bonus will spin a wheel to potentially award you a bonus round when it is triggered, with three others available.

The Ted Big Money Bonus features big multiplier prizes, with re-spins available to potentially collect a number of them.

Will you reveal a prize?

    Ted Big Money Scratchcard Game Overview

    The bet sizes available in Ted Big Money Scratchcard range from 10p to £10.

    How to Play Ted Big Money Scratchcard  

    Play Ted Big Money Scratchcard and you can enjoy three scratchcard games on just a single card.

    You can choose to purchase one, five or 10 cards when you first enter this online casino game.

    Game 1

    Match two values on your card and a prize is awarded.

    Game 2

    You will be a winner if Ted's head is revealed in this section.

    Game 3

    If the number you reveal has a higher value than Ted's, you are awarded a prize.

    Wheel of Fartune Bonus

    You can find Thunder Buddies Bonus symbols anywhere on your scratchcard.

    If three Thunder Buddies Bonus symbols are displayed, you will be able to enter the Wheel of Fartune Bonus.

    During this bonus round, you can trigger a cash multiplier prize, or one of the available bonus games.

    Additional Thunder Buddies Bonus symbols above the minimum required to trigger this bonus will result in parts of the wheel becoming arrows.

    If you land on an arrow, you will advance to the next tier.

    The wheel features three different bonus games: Ted Modifier, Bar Crawl Bonus and Ted's Pyramid Bonus.

    Ted Modifier

    Two different modifiers can be awarded by Ted:

    Lose to WinA losing game will become a winning one.
    Bonus BoostAdditional Thunder Buddies Bonus symbols are added to your cards.

    Bar Crawl Bonus

    You can select bottles as they are shown on your screen, which will allow you to progress around the board. As you do so, you will boost the total bet multiplier's value, plus there is the chance to land on special positions.

    Special Position
    GirlsA minimum of one multiplier position on the board will be boosted.
    Pizza HouseYou will be able to run on the trail, accumulating multipliers and Big Money counters.
    Ming's TakeawayA Mystery Cash Bonus prize is triggered.
    Big MoneyYou will receive a Big Money counter. The Big Money Bonus is activated when you have accumulated five of these.
    ArrestedTed will be sent to the I.D. Parade.

    Ted's Pyramid Bonus

    Accumulate prizes by climbing the pyramid.

    Choose a Ted and you will either collect your current prize or continue to play the bonus round.

    The Big Money Bonus is unlocked if you advance to the top of the pyramid.

    Big Money Bonus

    When you play this bonus round, Ted will be sat in the centre of the screen, with spinning multiplier values around him.

    When the values stop spinning, a corresponding multiplier prize will be awarded. After this, you must select one of the 'Sale' signs, which will unveil either 'Re-spin' or 'Collect'.

    If the Re-spin icon is revealed, the multipliers will spin once more.

    Revealing Collect causes the Big Money Bonus to conclude, and you receive the current multiplier prize.

    Return to Player

    Return To Player (RTP): 80%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £80.00 of wins.

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