Meet the Virgin Games Head of Development

We sat down with the Virgin Games Head of Development to find out everything about the role, testing games, features and epic rewards.
7th March 2024

Introducing the Virgin Games Head of Development

The Virgin Games Development Hub is where all our thrilling games, features and rewards are tested - but who is the person leading the charge in the lab?

Introducing the Virgin Games Head of Development, who oversees the tests we run to create an exciting environment for our players while on-site.

We sat down to ask our Head of Development a few questions about the role, and how they help to kickstart the action at Virgin Games…

Tell us a bit about your role as Head of Development.

As the Head of Development, it’s my responsibility to make sure that everything on our site is thoroughly tested for maximum thrills. We want to provide our players with the ultimate online gaming experience whenever they log in, with plenty of bonus features and epic rewards to play for.

All our online slot machines and casino games are put to the test in the lab, plus everything in The Vault, letting our players make the most of our hottest offers.

What do you love most about your role?

It’s a real thrill to lead the Virgin Games Development Hub. I get to set the stage for our players, and as a lover of online slot games, it’s exciting to get up close to them. My team of testers puts all the games, features and rewards through their paces before they go live - this includes how the bonus games work, how to win a jackpot and so on.

What does a typical day as the Head of Development look like?

Every day in the lab is full of excitement. We like to have everything covered, which means I oversee all the games, features and rewards being put to the test from each area of our site - this could be slots, casino or poker, for example.

In terms of the tests we do, we have to run them in real-life scenarios. You might have seen our recent ads with the Man in the Bath and the Man at the Bus Stop - we have to know that players can get their thrilling moments at any time and in any place, as most people play on mobile apps these days, which can be downloaded from the Google Play and App Store.

At the end of the day, we feed all of the information we’ve gathered from the tests to our dedicated team, and they then they can push the latest games and hottest offers live for our players to enjoy.

The big question - Slots or Casino?

It’s incredibly hard to pick a side! At heart, I would say I’m a big fan of online slots, especially as we have more than 900 to choose from on our site. I do love the options in our casino, with such a wide selection of tables to play at.

What is your favourite slot or casino game to play?

Choosing the game I love the most is impossible - we’ve tested so many brilliant ones! The games recommendation feature on-site helps, as it knows what I’ve played and enjoyed in the past, so it suggests similar ones based on that. This is available to all our players, so you can try out plenty of different games!

It’s hard to look past our action-packed progressive jackpot slots from Jackpot King, given the chance to win an incredible prize on any spin, and I also enjoy classic online slots like Rainbow Riches and Fishin’ Frenzy.

If I was heading into our casino, the first places I would visit are the stunning live dealer roulette and blackjack tables we have. To me, they are brilliant.

How do you like to take a break?

Taking a break is so important. I love sitting down with a cup of tea and biscuits, alongside my team of Testers.

That being said, as Head of the Development Hub, I still like to get my thrills away from the table or slot machine. You might find me testing all the rollercoasters at a theme park or watching the latest scary movies - I never like to be too far from the action.

Now you’ve met our Head of Development, check out all of the epic games and hottest rewards that we’ve been testing in the lab. Slots, online casino or live casino - we’ve got you covered.