Five Games to Explore In Our Online Casino

Enjoy innovative online casino action with our pick of the bunch.
26th June 2024

Try Out Five Incredible Casino Games

Roulette, blackjack, table games and more - there’s plenty to enjoy when stepping into a casino online for the first time.

If you’re spoilt for choice and don’t know where to start, then fear not. Here’s a selection of five popular online casino games to play, including classic features and the chance to trigger some exciting winning moments.

First Person Lightning Roulette

Shock the famous wheel in First Person Lightning Roulette, and you could land some electrifying multipliers.

This online roulette game is part of our virtual casino, where you can enjoy the action with stunning 3D camera angles and slow-motion replays. They’re played in the same studios as our live casino tables, but you have complete control over the gameplay.

Chips start at 10p in First Person Lightning Roulette, which is played on a standard European roulette wheel  – the kind with 36 numbers plus the zero. Before each spin, a bolt hits the table boosting up to five numbers with multipliers worth up to 500x your stake. If the white ball lands on a lightning number, any straight-up bets will be paid out at the multiplier shown on-screen.

Find out if lightning can strike twice…

Multi-Hand Blackjack

When you play blackjack, sometimes one hand isn’t enough to beat the dealer  - so we give our players a few more chances to achieve the feat.

Check out the UK online casino game Multi-Hand Blackjack, where you can go three-on-one against the dealer. Before the cards are dealt, there is the option to choose up to three hands to play with. Once the seat is active it will turn yellow, and the game begins when the ‘Deal’ button is hit.

This game has all the traditional features that are popular with casino players. Take out Insurance to protect a hand if the dealer could have blackjack, and use the Double Down option if you’re feeling confident in your cards.

It’s worth reading our online blackjack rulebook before playing to find out how hands are won, the values of the cards and how side bets work.

Will you hit or stand?

EU Roulette

Heading back to our online casino, let’s explore more innovative ways to watch the roulette wheel spinning. With chip sizes ranging from £1 to £200, there’s something for every type of player in EU Roulette.

Alongside your traditional betting options, make the most of the Special Bets feature in this popular casino game to place exciting wagers like Neighbours, Orphelins and Tiers. These will cover a range of numbers or an area on the table, spreading out the chance of calling the correct pocket.

EU Roulette has three camera angles to get you even closer to the action. To change the setting, hit the ‘View’ button and it will move to the next lens. You can also edit the colour of the table between red, blue and green, depending on your favourite colour, and activate Turbo Mode to ramp up the wheel’s pace, with another three speed options to pick between. 

Where will the ball land?

Place your bets in our Online Casino.

First Person Dream Catcher

Collect some casino thoughts in a game of First Person Dream Catcher, another of our thrilling virtual tables with big wins up for grabs.

When you play this casino game online, you will find a wheel with 53 segments featuring the following numbers: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. There is also two multiplier segments of 2x and 7x, which trigger a re-spin and boost the payout of the following result.

Place wagers on the number you think the wheel will land on. If the spin hits a 5, any bets will be multiplied by 5x, while 40 will award a dreamy 40x payout - you get the gist. Bet sizes range from 10p to £100, with plenty of options to catch prizes.

All our First Person tables can click through to live dealer games, where you can interact with other players like in a traditional casino.

There’s no negative energy in this game show.


Looking for some fast-paced action when playing online casino games? Keno is just the ticket.

Each card in this online casino game has 80 numbers on it. Ahead of the game, choose 15 cards to be active and mark them off as they are drawn. A total of 20 numbers will be revealed in each round - the more numbers you correctly predict, the better the prizes that are up for grabs.

Keep the same numbers in play during this rapid-fire game for either five or 10 rounds on the bounce, as you interact with the other players in the live chat function.

Pick your numbers.

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