Learn Five Incredible Facts About Roulette

Action awaits on our roulette tables – but how much do you know about the classic casino game?
7th May 2024

Fascinating Facts About Roulette

There is much more to the action-packed roulette tables in our online casino than meets the eye - the game has a ton of history behind it.

For example, did you know that roulette is over three centuries old? Or would you be able to guess the number that is bet on most frequently?

We’ve selected five of the most interesting roulette facts, so keep reading to learn more about its incredible history...

Roulette Balls Were Originally Made From Elephant Tusks

When this thrilling casino game was first played, the balls were made from elephant tusks. Thankfully ivory is now banned, so the white balls that now spin around the wheel are either plastic or ceramic.

Roulette Dates Back Over 300 Years

Legend has it that the creation of roulette was a happy accident. 

French inventor Blaise Pascal is credited with being the mastermind behind the roulette wheel, which happened in the mid-1600s when he was trying to design a perpetual motion machine. Instead, the process created the roulette wheel, meaning that the game has been growing for well over three centuries.

Online Roulette Launched in the 90’s

It wasn’t until 1996 that players could finally enjoy roulette online, meaning the journey down to a land-based casino to place wagers was no longer necessary.

In more than a quarter of a century since, live casinos have developed a variety of live roulette games such as Lightning Roulette and Super Stake Roulette. These games have big multipliers and epic rewards up for grabs for players who predict the winning number – giving you a seriously rockin’ experience. 

Roulette has been enjoyed by casino players for centuries.

A Roulette Dealer is Called A Croupier

This is a nod to the origins of the game in France. While the other tables in our casino are played with live dealers, roulette games are controlled by ‘croupiers’, which is a direct translation of the French word for ‘dealer’. A croupier lets you know when to place a wager, when betting time has expired, and awards any winning chips.

17 is The Most Popular Number To Bet On

Roulette isn’t all about strategy. Some players just like to pick their favourite numbers – and the most common one to bet on is 17.

There are two factors behind the popularity of number 17. One is that it’s instantly noticeable - the 17 pocket is found in a right-centre position on European roulette tables, and as most players look at the wheel in a clockwise direction, it’s one of the first they would see. Secondly, the number 7 is associated with luck, so 17 automatically interests bettors.

The Roulette Wheel Spins The Opposite Way To The Ball

Pay close attention to the spinning wheel during a game of roulette, and you’ll notice that the ball moves in the opposite direction. When the croupier turns the wheel clockwise, the ball will spin anti-clockwise, and vice versa. This makes the outcome more random, ensuring that the game is fairer for players placing bets on it.

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