The Goonies Return

Join the gang on another slot adventure when you play The Goonies Return!

This game includes a large amount of bonus rounds, featuring three different Free Spins features, as well as the Big Money bonus.

The famous Goonie characters all feature too, and they all have special powers to help give you big wins!

Spin the reels.

    The Goonies Return Slot Game Overview

    The bet sizes available in The Goonies Return range from 10p to £10.

    Betting in this game is fixed at 20 paylines.

    Wild Symbol

    Use Wild symbols to replace all other symbols in this game, excluding Scatters and Bonus symbols, to help you complete winning combinations.

    You will be paid only for the largest win on each payline - if three Wild symbols constitute a win, or if those symbols are used with an extra symbol to make a win worth four symbols, you are only paid for the most valuable.

    In The Goonies Return, the available Wild symbols are: Medallion Wild, Truffle Shuffle Wild, Mikey Wild, Colossal Wild, Super Sloth Wild, Goonie Wilds and Inferno Wild.

    One-Eyed Willy Key Of Plenty

    On any spin in this game, you could activate the One-Eyed Willy Key Of Plenty feature at random:

    Truffle Shuffle Wilds - Wilds can overlay the reels, and positions are transformed Wild. Chunk can make these Wilds become multiplying Wilds, and he could also trigger a Truffle Re-shuffle once the original spin has completed. This allows him to re-appear and swap positions on the reels, unlocking another win.

    Hidden Treasure - The centre reel is struck by a stone pillar falling down from above, and it will add a Mikey Wild to the middle of it. As soon as the reels have finished turning, an animation occurs and turns any visible Goonie symbols Wild.

    W-invention Reels - Data shows up and strikes the reels with his Punch Out glove, resulting in at least two successive reels to replicate an identical outcome. This can take place on each of the five reels. Furthermore, Data can also create a Colossal symbol on a maximum of five reels, plus he has the ability to upgrade the visible symbols to form a more valuable win.

    Lucky Coins - The Mystery symbol (Gold Coin) selects a random symbol to appear within the Gold Coin. When a Coin lands on any spin, a symbol is selected and will be shown on every visible Coin. A Cash symbol could also be shown, and these are locked in place while the reels re-spin. The reels will be re-spun until there are no Cash symbols left.

    Bonus Boost - The reels could have extra Bonus symbols added to them.

    Win Spin – This gives you a certain big win on a spin.

    Extra modifiers have the ability to activate following any spin, turning a loss into a win.

    A scythe can show up on a losing spin, resetting the reels and forming a winning combination. Shooting Spikes can erase at least one column of symbols to form another win, while Dynamite can be chucked onto the reels to upgrade a win. If a cave collapses, all symbols on the reels are removed, and a new cascade takes place.

    Bonus Activation

    Land at least three Bonus symbols across the reels to trigger this feature, and you will enter one of the bonus rounds listed below.

    You do not receive a payout for triggering this feature.

    After you spin the wheel, it will end on one of six potential features, and you will be directed to that bonus round.

    Booby Trap Bonus

    Turn the Key left or right, or you can click the left or right arrow, which causes one of the following outcomes:

    • Cash - a cash amount is added, and this is calculated based on your total bet
    • Collect - you are awarded any funds in the bonus winnings display and the feature will end
    • Bonus Feature - you will trigger a new bonus round

    If a feature is revealed, the Booby Trap Bonus ends and you will be taken to the displayed bonus.

    Waterslide To Wealth Bonus

    This bonus round is divided into two stages - the first is a multiplier trail down the waterfall, which will take you to the bonus round's second stage.

    You always begin in stage 1 and must choose gold doubloons to progress along the trail, which boosts the value of the total bet multiplier.

    When you pick the doubloons, one of the following outcomes will take place:

    Event Action
    1, 2, 3, 4 or 5You will progress along the trail by the number of positions that corresponds
    CollectThe bonus concludes, and you will be paid the current total bet multiplier
    Big MoneyYou are taken directly into the Big Money bonus round

    Specific positions on the trail will contain a ship’s wheel icon, and this is located underneath a few of the values. Landing on a position that features a wheel will trigger the ship’s wheel, which brings one of the following outcomes into play via a spin:

    • Upgrade: Some values along the trail will be boosted.
    • Eliminate: Some of the values on the trail are removed, making it more likely that you will reach the end.
    • Shortcut: You receive a boost along the trail.

    Progressing to the Big Money Bonus end game allows you to play for a big cash multiplier or an additional feature.

    Skeleton Organ Free Spins

    In this bonus round, five free spins are awarded and the special Skeleton Organ symbol is in play on them, being super stacked on every reel.

    The Skeleton Organ symbol is sticky, so any of that symbol type that appear will be locked in place until the end of the bonus.

    When a special Symbol is displayed on any spin, you will pick a key on the Organ. This fades up marginally from behind the reels, and a symbol will be unveiled to appear on each visible Organ symbol.

    When you've used your allocation of free spins, you will be shown a certain amount of Gold Doubloons. Choose one of the doubloons and the following will occur:

    • Extra Spins - You receive more spins, and the Mystery symbol will be sticky.
    • Bonus - A bonus round is unlocked.
    • Collect - Free Spins concludes, and you will be paid the amount shown in the bonus winnings panel.

    Fratelli Free Spins

    Initially, you will receive eight free spins featuring a resurrecting re-spins section when the bonus has ended.

    Should a Super Sloth Wild show up on any free spin, the Wild will leave the position on the reels with a special border around it once you've been paid for any winnings.

    A final re-spin occurs on all positions where Super Sloth Wilds have been displayed after you've played all of your free spins.

    Each individual reel position will re-spin, and a Wild or Cash symbol will then be displayed.

    Revealing a minimum of five Cash symbols triggers Momma Fratelli Money Spins. On the reels, every individual position will become a mini Cash reel, and you are awarded three re-spins to try and land more Cash symbols. Whenever you achieve this, the remaining re-spins reverts to three, and you will proceed until no Cash symbols remain in view.

    A number of keys will be shown when you've played all of your spins. Choose one and one of the following scnearios will take place:

    • Extra Spins - You receive more spins, and special borders will be locked on the reels depending on the result of your first eight free spins.
    • Bonus - A bonus will be granted depending on the feature name revealed.
    • Collect - Fratelli Free Spins ends, and you receive the winnings shown in the bonus winnings panel.

    Final Voyage Free Spins

    The game will cut to a new free spins layout following a small transition. Underneath the reels, you will see a trail alongside the inferno on the left. There will also be a number of markers at the foot of the screen, plus a Gold Doubloon on the right.

    The Inferno Wild is in play on each spin. Beginning on the left hand side, the Inferno Wild will move one reel to the right on every spin, and it will be held in its position. The Goonie below the reel where the Wild is located becomes Wild at the end of every spin, causing the Inferno Wild to be moved to the right once more.

    When each of the high paying symbols have been upgraded and are Wild this process will end, as you will have advanced to the Doubloon on the fifth reel.

    After reaching the Doubloon, some of the Doubloons are displayed over the reels. You must then select a Doubloon, and one of the scenarios below will play out:

    • Collect – the feature will conclude, and the figure shown in the bonus winnings panel is paid to you.
    • One-Eyed Willy Riches - the One-Eyed Willy Riches Bonus round is activated.
    • Super Spins - you will play some Super Spins featuring all of the Goonies characters being Wild, and the Inferno Wild is also in play. While each spin takes place, the Inferno Wild will move to a different position on the reels, and it will then be locked at random.

    One-Eyed Willy Riches Bonus

    To play this bonus round, you must fulfil one of the following criteria: 

    • Five Bonus symbols on the reels during the base game
    • Either gamble to or land on the One-Eyed Willy Riches Bonus on the Bonus Wheel
    • Reveal this feature from a modifier key or within a feature

    The values will spin and then come to a stop, and you will trigger the relative total bet multiplier. When the booby trap is triggered on the scales this bonus round will conclude, and you are paid the total bet multiplier win.

    Furthermore, you receive three Money Spins, and these are played on a 5x4 grid of individual reels. If a cash value is displayed, the number of spins remaining reverts to three.

    The Goonie characters are also in play during this bonus, and they all have a specific power/ability, in addition to a linked cash value:

    • Mikey: You will receive a total win multiplier worth between 2-5x.
    • Data: An additional re-spin is awarded.
    • Chunk: He will perform the Truffle Shuffle, causing each visible symbol to be boosted by the amount shown when he appears.
    • Mouth: All current winning values on the reels are added together, forming a Super Money win. If the symbols added up to create a 100x bet win, for instance, the Mouth symbol's value is 100x your bet.
    • One-Eyed Willy: The reels have an extra column added on the right or left, and this can be up to 9x4 in size.
    • Sloth: Re-trigger the abilities of any other Goonies character on the reels, with the exception of any Sloth symbols.

    To end this feature, you must have the entire grid in a 9x4 size, or use your allocation of spins. After this, you will be paid the amount seen on screen, and this is a multiplier of your total bet.

    Feature Gamble

    Completing a Feature win in The Goonies Return, excluding the One-Eyed Willy Riches Bonus, gives you the choice of hitting the Collect or Gamble button.

    If you collect, the feature ends and you are awarded any winnings.

    Should you decide to gamble and win you will be able to collect that feature, and any features below will be taken out of play.

    To end this process, you must either opt to collect, or you can advance to the top feature, or you land on the Mystery Win segment during the wheel spin. The latter will trigger a Mystery Win Prize, and this is a cash value that is calculated depending on the multiplier of your total bet, worth between 5x and 35x.

    The odds of winning during the gamble feature may not equate to the odds you see on screen.

    One-Eyed Willy Exchange

    Completing a win worth at least 15x your total bet while playing the base game gives you the choice of collecting the win, or risking it on the Feature Wheel Gamble to try and unlock a feature.

    You are awarded the cash amount displayed if you decide to collect your winnings. If you choose to Gamble, then the win will be substituted for a spin on the wheel that contains three different bonus levels, plus a Mystery Win:

    • Bonus
    • Super Bonus
    • Mega Bonus (this depends on the cash award exchanged)depending on the cash award being exchanged)

    If you win on your gamble, you will be able collect the relevant bonus.

    This process will end when you collect, advance to the top bonus, or you land on the Mystery Win segment during the wheel spin. The latter scenario will trigger a Mystery Win Prize, which is a hidden cash value based on a multiplier of your total bet.

    Return to Player

    Return To Player (RTP): 95.50%.

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £95.50 of wins.

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