Masters of Olympus

Enter our online slot Masters of Olympus and get spinning for some Godly bonus features.

Lightning Wild symbols can expand to cover entire reels in this game, and whenever a Bonus symbol appears on reels 1 and 3 you can contribute to the Spartan Booster meter.

Hit three Bonus symbols and you will initiate either the Olympus or Spartan bonus, where seven God symbols become available, and you have the chance to scoop a 500x win in the latter.

Olympus is waiting.

    Masters of Olympus Slot Game Overview

    The bet sizes available in Masters of Olympus range from 10p to £12.50.

    Betting in this game is fixed at 1,024 paylines.

    Lightning Wild Symbol

    In Masters of Olympus, the Lightning Wild symbol can replace every other symbol excluding the Bonus symbol, giving you the opportunity to complete more winning combinations.

    Zeus Re-spins Feature

    To initiate the Zeus Re-spins feature, you must accumulate Lightning Wild symbols while you are playing the base game.

    The Lightning Wild symbol that activated the bonus will stick in its place and then expand, covering the whole of the row.

    The Lightning Wild symbol will expand one position down on each of your re-spins. If an additional Lightning Wild symbol appears on one of your re-spins, that will also expand.

    When a Coin Overlay symbol hits, it will be accumulated in the bonus meter.

    Once you have accumulated three Coin Overlay symbols, you will unlock either the Olympus Bonus or the Spartan Bonus. When you've finished your re-spins, the next bonus will begin.

    When the final Lightning Wild symbol moves off the reels, or if no new Lightning Wild symbols appear on your final re-spin, this bonus will conclude.

    Bonus Symbol

    The Colosseum is a Bonus symbol that can be displayed on reels 1, 3 and 5.

    Hit three Bonus symbols on a spin to activate the Olympus Bonus, or if you have completed the Spartan Booster, you will play the Spartan Bonus.

    Spartan Booster 

    Boost the value of the Spartan Booster meter by landing Bonus symbols on reels 1 and 3. Whenever this happens, the meter's value is increased by one.

    The meter is made up of 10 steps. Progressing to the last step will enable you to play the Spartan Bonus as opposed to the Olympus Bonus if you manage to trigger it.

    After playing the Spartan Bonus, the meter's value will be reset.

    Your progress will be saved for every bet size that you use.

    Olympus Bonus

    You receive three free spins when you enter the Olympus Bonus.

    There are 20 active reels in this bonus, and each reel consists of one row.

    The Bonus symbols that activated the feature will be substituted for Shield symbols, with values ranging from 1x-50x.

    Hit a new Shield or God symbol during your free spins to re-trigger the bonus, and your remaining free spins will be reset to its original value.

    Seven different God symbols could appear. Each of these symbols possesses a unique multiplier value and impact.

    Aphrodite Symbol

    The Aphrodite symbol has a multiplier value ranging between 2x and 9x, and this will be applied to the symbols on the current spin, as well as those that follow.

    No more than one Aphrodite symbol can appear in this bonus round.

    Poseidon Symbol

    The value of the Poseidon symbol ranges from 1x to 9x.

    When this God symbol is displayed, the reels underneath will expand.

    No more than one Poseidon symbol can appear on a spin, and a maximum of two can land during the course of the Olympus Bonus.

    Apollo Symbol

    Apollo symbols have values ranging from 1x to 9x, and this is added to the multiplier value of the active symbols on the reels.

    Zeus Symbol

    Zeus symbols can land on the reels with values between 1x and 9x.

    This multiplier value will be added to every active symbol's multiplier value until the end of the bonus round.

    Ares Symbol

    Possible values of Ares symbols range from 1x to 9x.

    All of the symbol multiplier values on the reels are added to the Ares symbol multiplier.

    Athena Symbol

    Athena symbols can appear with multipliers worth between 1x and 9x.

    Until the bonus concludes, the value of the active symbols will be awarded to the Athena symbol value on every spin.

    Hades Symbol

    The Hades symbol can possess a multiplier value of 1x to 9x when it is displayed.

    Hades is the God of the Underworld, and as a result has the ability to re-trigger all Apollo and Ares symbols on the reels for a single spin!

    Spartan Bonus

    Hit three Bonus symbols after filling the Booster Meter to play the Spartan Bonus.

    You are awarded four free spins when the bonus begins, as opposed to three in the Olympus Bonus.

    The Spartan Bonus concludes if no new symbols are displayed on the reels, or if you manage to fill each of the available positions.

    A prize valued at 500x your wager is triggered if you fill all of the reel positions during the Spartan Bonus.

    Hot Spots

    Hot Spots will appear on the reels randomly, and they are more likely to display God symbols than regular reel spaces.

    Return to Player

    Return To Player (RTP): 94.02%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £90.72 of wins.

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