Top Five Angriest Poker Moments

    With such high rewards on offer, playing poker at the top level can be both very stressful and tense for the competitors. 

    There are so many infuriating aspects to the game too, particularly when there’s a lot of money on the line; you can get a bad beat, you could make a bad read, or even be bluffed or trapped.

    As a result, it’s inevitable that emotions can sometimes spill over and affect their behaviour – this ranges from arguing among each other, or even just going off in a lone rage.

    Phil Hellmuth is notably famous for talking to himself angrily when things aren’t going his way, while other players like Mike Matusow get visibly upset.

    We’ve compiled a list of some of the angriest moments we’ve seen at the poker table for you to watch below.

    5. Tony G vs Roland De Wolfe

    Tony G loses his mind having gone all-in against Roland De Wolfe, and the dealer isn't safe from his fury either.

    Even before this hand has started, Tony G gets involved in a heated debate with Phil Hellmuth, followed a few comments for the tournament director.

    Holding Pocket 7s, the Australian immediately goes all in with $561,000. De Wolfe only has $176,000, but he makes the call with an Ace and an 8.

    Tony G is still in a favourable position after the Flop, with a 57% chance of winning.

    Unfortunately for him, this sinks to just 5% after the Turn, as an Ace is produced to give De Wolfe Two Pair.

    At this point, Tony G storms away from the table, blaming the dealer for his inability to win a hand, and launches a tirade of expletives at anyone who'll listen.

    When he finally returns to the table his fate is confirmed, and De Wolfe manages to stay in the game.

    4. Phil Hellmuth vs Mike Baxter

    The “Poker Brat” Phil Hellmuth in his element in this clip, as he completely loses his cool against Mike Baxter.

    After losing the hand, he ends up on a foul-mouthed tirade in which he not only lambasts his opponent, but also another player at the table.

    Hellmuth begins the 9 and 10 of Hearts, although this isn't as strong as Pocket Kings, which Mike Baxter possesses.

    An immediate raise of $1,600 is made by Baxter, which is called by the active players.

    The Flop brings in two 3s and a 9, which gives Baxter Two Pair, leaving him in the strongest position. He then bets $4,000, which Hellmuth again calls with his own Two Pair (9s and 3s).

    When an 8 comes up on the Turn, Hellmuth stands just a 5% chance of winning the hand. This time, Baxter doubles his raise to $8,000.

    A 7 is added on the River, so for all intents and purposes, Hellmuth has the strongest possible hand in his own mind - he can't account for his opponent having Pocket Kings.

    Hellmuth checks at this point, before Baxter once again doubles his raise to $16,000. This is instantly called by Hellmuth.

    When the cards are turned over, Baxter announces his Two Pair - which sends Hellmuth into rage mode very quickly.

    3. Jeff Lisandro vs Prahlad Friedman

    These two players almost two blows after Prahlad Friedman accuses Jeff Lisandro of "robbing" the others at the table.

    The problem starts when Friedman claims Lisandro failed to throw his ante bet in, and after the hand is over he makes his accusation.

    Lisandro reacts furiously, as expected, and asks if Friedman is "1,000% sure" he saw what he thinks he did.

    As the two continue to discuss what happened, it gets progressively heated with the pair insulting each other.

    They are both instructed to stop, but the video then cuts to a later point and the two are still arguing.

    Friedman is eventually asked to leave the table to speak to the floor manager, who tells him that they would've had the incident on film.

    Lisandro then storms over and points directly in his opponent's face, and threatens to "take [Friedman's] head off" if he does it again.

    When they return to the table, Lisandro demands not to be called a thief any more, and the argument eventually cools.

    Later in the clip, you can see that Lisandro did in fact throw his ante bet in; it was Dustin Holmes who failed to do so.

    2. Luke Schwartz vs David Benyamine

    Luke Schwartz directs an expletive-laden rant at David Benyamine in this incredibly heated hand, with the former far from happy with his opponent.

    Schwartz is dealt Pocket Jacks, while Benyamine has a 6 and 5, so he is immediately in with a solid chance of emerging victorious. 

    Vanessa Rousso is also active at this point, holding the 3 and 4 of Hearts.

    After the Flop produces a 5, 2 and 9, Schwartz bets $30k and begins to lose his rag after Benyamine takes his time to make the call.

    He begins to rant about how Benyamine was trying to get "every little angle of money", and is visibly worked up.

    While Rousso calls, Schwartz continues to vent his frustration about Benyamine, even claiming he'll "smash anyone" and "go all-in so quickly" if his opponent continues to bet.

    After a King comes up on the Turn, Schwartz instructs Benyamine to bet so he can go all-in, which is exactly what happens, to the amusement of the other players.

    Benyamine stakes $123k, which causes Rousso to fold, and true to his word Schwartz pushes all his chips to the middle.

    He then starts swearing repeatedly after he sees his opponent's cards, and he ends up winning a monster pot.

    Schwartz walks away from the table and continues to slate Benyamine in yet another rant.

    It's a good job Schwartz won the hand, or else his anger could have really got out of control.

    1. Tony G vs Ralph Perry

    One of the most bizarre hands of poker you are ever likely to see, as Tony G seems to lose it against Ralph Perry.

    Unlike the other videos we’ve talked about, Tony G actually wins the hand and still appears to be furious at his opponent Ralph Perry.

    With an Ace and a 2, he gets into Perry’s head by revealing he has a weak set of cards and encourages him to make money from him by calling his all-in bet.

    After much persuasion, Perry eventually caves in and calls with his King and Jack, making the pot worth an astonishing $1,530,000.

    At this point, Tony G tells Perry that he has “played very well”, which is definitely not the impression he gives when he gets a Pair of 2s on the Flop.

    He continues to talk aloud and taunt Perry, and wants the River to “teach him a good lesson” following a 7 on the Turn not doing the Russian any favours.

    The River doesn’t rescue him either as it produces a 6, to which Tony G lets out a huge cheer and starts on another tirade of insults.

    Tony G calls him “terrible” and that his decision to call the all-in bet was “disgraceful”, before asking for more Russians to play him so he can “get them all”.

    It’s almost excruciating to watch and totally uncalled for, and somehow Perry manages to keep his cool in the midst of everything Tony G is firing at him.

    When Perry eventually leaves the table and congratulates Tony G on winning the hand, the latter orders the audience to stop applauding because he “doesn’t deserve” any of it.

    The other players on the table are clearly shocked by Tony G’s behaviour, and it’s easy to see why. 

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