Video Poker Remastered

Play your cards right in our online casino, Video Poker Remastered.

You could trigger a jackpot when your cards are dealt by turning on the side bet.

A Straight Flush unlocks 10% of a jackpot, while you'll receive the full jackpot amount if you have a Royal Flush.

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    Video Poker Remastered Game Overview

    The minimum bet available in Video Poker Remastered is 1p.

    The maximum bet available in this game is £113.50.

    Game Info

    In Video Poker Remastered, your aim is to produce as many winning hands as possible by retaining the most useful cards from your original hand to help with the others.

    You receive five cards initially, and you then have the chance to hold any number of these five cards. 

    Once you've selected ‘Draw’, those cards not held will be re-dealt, and a new five-card poker hand is created. This process occurs on every hand you have chosen to play with. 

    Your final hand will then be evaluated against the paytable, and your winnings will then be determined.

    In order to have a qualifying hand in Jacks or Better, you are required to have a minimum of a pair of Jacks.

    How to Bet

    Select your coin size and the number of hands you would like to play to begin the game.

    You can choose between one, five, 10 and 15 hands to play with.

    To start the game, choose ‘Play’.

    Select a card to ‘Hold’ it in order to keep hold of your best cards, and then hit ‘Draw’ to turn over and re-deal all of the cards not held.

    Malfunction causes all pays and plays to be voided.

    Progressive Jackpot

    For your chance to win the progressive jackpot, activate the side bet to ‘On’, and the cost to play this is an extra £1.

    Your first five cards will be evaluated against the following paytable.

    Progressive Jackpot Paytable

    Full House£100
    Four of a Kind£500
    Straight Flush10% of Jackpot
    Royal Flush100% of Jackpot

    All payouts are deducted from the jackpot at the time they are won.

    The jackpot's seed value is £5,000.

    The jackpot receives contributions in the form of a percentage of each bet.

    Although we try to show the most up-to-date jackpot value at all times, display delays mean this isn't always possible.

    In an exceptionally rare case, the jackpot award value could be the jackpot seed amount if the jackpot winning outcome occurred just after another player's jackpot win but before the jackpot meter was able to reset due to this earlier winner.

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    Return to Player 

    Return To Player (RTP): 99.54%

    Jackpot Side Bet RTP: 70.78%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £99.54 of wins. This return is based on the player making the best choices.

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