High Stakes Blackjack Match

Experience the buzz of higher stakes and bigger payouts with High Stakes Blackjack Match.

There are also unique side bets when you play Blackjack online in this game, offering big payouts, as well as a side bet jackpot!

Can you hit 21?

    High Stakes Blackjack Match Game Overview

    The principal aim of any Blackjack game is to try and beat the dealer by accumulating a total hand value close to, but not over 21 points.

    You will need to draw cards until your hand total is 21 or close to it without exceeding it.

    If your first two cards total 21, an Ace card paired with a 10 or a picture card, then you have won Blackjack.

    An Ace may have a value of either 1 or 11, with the card using the value that is of most benefit to your hand.

    The cards 2-9 are taken at face value.


    If you receive two cards of the same value then you will have the option to split your hand, which divides it into two hands.

    When splitting, you must place a bet on the second hand that is equal to the amount wagered on your original bet.

    Doubling Down

    This option allows you to double your original bet.

    You will only receive one more card.


    If the dealer's first hand is an Ace then you will have the option to safeguard your hand by buying insurance.

    This costs half of your original wager.

    If the dealer does draw Blackjack, your insurance pays out 2:1, while your original wager is lost.


    This option gives you the opportunity to walk away from your hand after it has been dealt.

    You will lose half of your original wager when you choose this option.

    Speed Dealing

    Play Blackjack at turbo speed with this unique feature.

    Side Bets

    This game features a unique side bet that is resolved over a number of Blackjack hands.

    The aim of this game is to collect pairs shown along the sides of the table.

    The pairs are matched against your first two cards.

    This game ends when the dealer gets Blackjack, or you win the side bet jackpot.

    The more pairs you collect, the more you win.

    Return to Player (RTP)

    Return to Player: 99.64%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £99.64 of wins.

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