First Person Blackjack

Play First Person Blackjack and win the race to 21.

Enjoy playing Blackjack features like Doubling Down, Insurance and Splitting.

You can play with a wide range of side bets in this online casino game, giving you the chance to win big on 21+3 and Perfect Pairs.

Will your cards reveal Blackjack?

    First Person Blackjack Game Overview

    The chip sizes available in First Person Blackjack range from £1 to £500.

    How To Play

    Take on the dealer in this classic casino game, where the objective is to obtain a hand worth as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it.

    Blackjack is the best possible hand, and this is achieved when your initial two cards have a value of 21. This can be completed with an Ace and a 10 or face card (Jack, Queen King).

    In addition to this exciting game, you can enjoy some live Blackjack action in our Live Casino.

    Game Rules

    Seven seats are available at a First Person Blackjack table, and the dealer will also be at the table hosting the game.

    This game is played with eight standard decks of 52-cards.

    The values of the cards are as follows:

    • Cards from 2 to 10 - worth their face value
    • Face cards (Jacks, Queens and Kings) - worth 10
    • Aces - worth 1 or 11, and will adopt the value that improves your hand the most. If a hand includes an Ace worth 11, it is known as a Soft Hand

    The dealer deals each player two cards, both of which will be face-up, in a clockwise direction beginning from their left-hand side. The dealer's first card will be face-up, and their second is face-down.

    Next to your cards, you can see the value of your hand.


    Insurance will become available if an Ace is the dealer's up-card. You can buy Insurance to protect yourself against the possibility of the dealer having Blackjack, and you can buy it even if you hold Blackjack.

    Insurance bets will be paid out at 2:1 if the dealer has Blackjack.

    The dealer checks their face-down card in order to see if they have Blackjack, and the following scenarios will be played out:

    • The game continues as normal if they don't have Blackjack.
    • The dealer wins if they have Blackjack and you don't.
    • It will be a 'push' if you and the dealer both have Blackjack, and your bet is refunded.

    The cost of Insurance bets is exactly half of your main bet wager, and bets on this feature are settled separately.

    Double Down

    Double Down on your first two cards to potentially increase your winnings.

    This is available on any two cards, and will double your wager, although you will only receive one more card after this.

    This option is unavailable if you have already split your hand.


    If you wish to receive another card, select the Hit option.

    You can continue to hit until your cards exceed a value of 21 collectively.


    You can Stand if you're happy with your hand, and no more cards will be dealt to you.


    The option to Split becomes available if your first two cards have a matching value.

    Each of these hands will have an individual wager, matching the same bet you initially placed.

    Another card will be dealt for each of these hands, and unless a pair of Aces was Split, you will be able to Hit each hand. Only one additional card per hand will be awarded if Aces were Split.

    You will not be able to Split more than once on any hand in this game.


    Exceeding a total of 21 with your cards results in a 'bust', and you lose.

    The dealer's down-card is revealed when each player at the table has played their hands.

    The dealer is forced to:

    • Hit - if their cards are equal to 16 or less
    • Stand - if they hold a hand worth at least Soft 17

    If the final value of your hand is nearer to 21 than the dealer's, or if the dealer busts their hand, you will win.

    It will be a push if your cards have the same value as the dealer's.

    Blackjack (Ace and 10) will always overcome a hand of 21 that is made up of a minimum of three cards, or a total of 21 that was formed by splitting pairs.

    Side Bets

    You can place two different side bets in First Person Blackjack: Perfect Pairs and 21+3.

    These side bets can be used in conjunction with your main bets, and even if your main bet loses, your side bet can still win.

    Perfect Pairs

    Holding a pair in your first two cards will allow you to win this side bet.

    Three different types of pairs can be completed, and they each have different payouts.

    • Mixed Pair – suits that don't match, e.g. a Jack of Diamonds and a Jack of Spades. Pays out at 6:1
    • Coloured Pair – suits that don't match, but with the same colour, e.g. a 3 of Spades and a 3 of Clubs. Pays out at 12:1.
    • Perfect Pair – matching suits, e.g. two 9s of Hearts. Pays out at 25:1


    Use the first two cards you receive along with the dealer's up-card to complete one of the combinations below.

    • Flush – any cards with matching suits e.g. a 4, 9 and Jack of Spades. Pays out at 5:1.
    • Straight – suits that don't match, but the cards are in numerical order, e.g. 5 of Hearts, 6 of Diamonds and 7 of Clubs. Pays out at 10:1.
    • Three of a Kind – three cards with different suits, but with an identical value, e.g. three Aces. Pays out at 30:1.
    • Straight Flush – cards with a matching suit and in numerical order, e.g. a 2, 3 and 4 of Hearts. Pays out at 40:1.
    • Suited Trips – an identical triplet, e.g. three Queens of Diamonds. Pays out at 100:1.

    If malfunction occurs, the game round and any payouts will be made void.

    Bet Behind

    Bet on the hands of other players at the table by using the Bet Behind feature, and payouts with this feature are identical to standard bets.

    Wagers can be placed on any Bet Behind spot that has been activated, prior to the expiration of betting time.

    Placing a Bet Behind bet before the player elects not to play that round will see your bet refunded instantly.

    The nickname shown at each seat refers to the player who is making the game decisions.

    Even if the dealer's up-card is an Ace, Insurance bets can still be placed as usual. You can also Double Down if the player you are betting behind decides to Double Down or Split their hand.

    The Bet Behind feature is unavailable on your own hand.

    You have the option to prevent other players from betting behind on your hand.

    Hot Player

    The 'Hot Players' icon signifies that player on the longest winning streak at the table.

    The number that is shown in the gold medal is the amount of consecutive hands they've won.

    When a 'Hot Player' loses a round, the gold-medal icon disappears.

    Return to Player (RTP)

    The optimal theoretical payout percentage is:

    Blackjack – 99.28%.

    Perfect Pairs bet – 95.90%.

    21+3 bet – 96.30%.of wins.

    The expected return to player is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £99.28 of wins.

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