Casino Solitaire

Play our online casino game, Casino Solitaire.

This game uses a standard deck of 52 cards, and you win the top prize by clearing the entire solitaire columns and play deck onto the stacks.

What will your cards be?

    Casino Solitaire Game Overview

    The bet sizes available in Casino Solitaire range from £1.04 to £45.60. 


    How To Bet

    Choose the amount that you wish to wager - the bet screen displays what you will win for every card that you get out on the stacks (building from Ace up in each suit).

    Place bets on the following with the Side Bets in this game:

    • No Move - no initial move possible from the deal. Win 15x your bet.
    • Red and Black - begin with a hand consisting of purely red or black cards. Win 200x your bet.


    The Deal

    This game uses a standard deck of 52 cards, shuffled randomly.

    The cards will be dealt into seven columns from left to right, with an ascending number of cards in each column as follows: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

    In each column, the last card that is dealt will be exposed face side up.

    The four suit stacks are empty at the start.

    The remaining cards are in a single 'play' deck.


    To Play

    You can move any Aces to the suit stacks, allowing you to accumulate any cards in the same suit in order there.

    Cards can be moved between columns as long as they are in consecutive descending order and follow an alternating colour pattern of red and black.

    Simply touch or click to select and drag if you wish to move cards. Select the highest card you want to move the entire column or part of column.

    Turn over the 'play' deck and you will be able to see if the card revealed is eligible to be moved to a column or out onto the suit stack. 

    The number of remaining cards in the playdeck can be viewed by looking at the number counting down on the deck. You can only go through the playdeck on one occasion.


    If you make a mistake, you may undo the last move of turning over a play deck card or moving a card from a column out to the stack. 

    It is not possible for you to undo turning over one of the column cards.


    To win

    A prize will be granted for each card you get onto the stacks. Clear the entire solitaire columns and play deck onto the stacks, and the top prize will be triggered.

    End Game

    The game concludes and you are directed back to the select your bet screen.



    This will alert you to an available next move if one is available.

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    Return to Player

    Return To Player (RTP): 96.80%.

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game. In Casino Solitaire, this is based on the assumption that you choose the optimal strategy for each card.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £96.80 of wins. 

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