Why Gamers Prefer Online Casinos to Brick-and-Mortar Venues

Discover why players have been steadily moving their betting to Online Casinos.
9th June 2023

Ever wondered how online casinos compare to their brick-and-mortar counterparts? | Virgin Games

Modern gaming has given players far more options when it comes to playing their go-to casino games. As of 2022, over 2,000 iGaming operators held a license in the UK; rewind 20 years, and you’re looking at a significantly smaller number.

Casino players can now enjoy roulette, blackjack and more on their iOS and Android mobile devices, plus there are still plenty of brick-and-mortar venues to visit. Having options is never a bad thing, right?

Of course, it is much more convenient for regular players to open a mobile app and place their bets than it is to head down to a traditional casino. You won’t be surprised to hear that, as a result, there has been a swing in their respective popularity, with online casinos now the preferred place to play.

But it’s not just down to the ease of wagering that has resulted in the surge of online casino gaming in recent times. If you’re looking to play at a virtual casino for the first time, then read on and discover all of the great benefits to moving your gaming to the online world.

Why Have Players Moved Towards Online Casinos?

While there is clearly still a place for brick and mortar casinos in the modern day, it’s clear that there are a number of advantages to playing casino games online. Being able to play at your own pace is a key factor, as well as the fast deposit and withdrawal methods that are now available.

How Do Online Casinos Work?

When you take a seat in our Online Casino you will discover a wide selection of tables to play it, including the ever-popular blackjack and roulette games. This is alongside classic card games like Hi-Lo and Three Chance Poker, and table games featuring Baccarat, Craps and more.

In online casinos, everything will be played out using an algorithm called a Random Number Generator (RNG). Essentially, the RNG produces sequences of numbers that result in the outcome of any game. In line with the Return To Player (RTP) rates, which refers to the average pay out on any game per £100 staked on it, it ensures that the gameplay is always fair when playing online. RNGs are not used in any live casino games, as they are played in real-time using live dealers.

But the first step is signing up for an account – and the next step is verification (we want our games to be enjoyed responsibly, after all) before you can dive in. Don’t worry, this process is usually fast-moving.

After you’ve passed this, you can deposit your funds and play any of the hundreds of games we have on-site, and if you land a winner you will be able to withdraw the money back to the same payment method without any issues.

What are the Advantages of an Online Casino?

To put it simply, you have a lot more flexibility when you play roulette and blackjack games in an online casino. You can spin the roulette wheel or take on the dealer whenever you like, as the games are all available 24/7.

One of the main benefits of playing online as opposed to in-person is that you have more affordable minimum bets available, particularly if you aren’t a high-roller casino player. In a brick and mortar venue, you may find that some of the tables require fairly hefty bets in order to play, which makes them less accessible to the average user. At Virgin Games you can play 10p Roulette – not hard to guess what the minimum bet is there – plus it’s only £1 to buy into Atlantic City Blackjack.

Let's face it; we live in a world where cash is becoming increasingly redundant. And your familiar plastic payment cards, for that matter. For many businesses, contactless ker-chings are the way forward. Hence, less of us are carrying cash day-to-day, especially if you live in a big city. This makes instant deposit and withdrawal methods in online casinos another key factor in their popularity, as your money can be back in your account once the transaction has been processed. This normally takes between four and 24 hours – you won’t be waiting too long.

Online games also allow you to play at your own pace. If you are in a busy casino, then you may be waiting for a number of other players to place their bets at the table before the dealer allows the game to progress. In the online versions, every aspect is under your control. You press a button to begin the game, and it’s much easier to add your wagers. In roulette, for example, you can add or remove wagers on a single number, red or black, and everything else on the table with just a simple click.

Another advantage to playing in an online casino is that you get to enjoy other types of games that aren’t available when you head to an in-person casino. You can play some Slingo, which is proving increasingly popular – as a slot game with a bingo twist, you can understand why. There is also the factor of Daily Free Games – and who doesn’t love playing for free? Real money prizes or free spins can be won on our free games, and there is a monthly game that you can enter too.

How Do Traditional Venues Compare to Online Casinos?

Been keeping up so far? Good, then you'll be well aware by now of the multitude of benefits to your favourite casino games being available online. Yet naturally, there are some experiences that can't quite match up in the digital space.

Many bustling casinos draw in crowds with added entertainment in the form of live music. While you can get the playlist going as you log in online, the atmosphere isn't quite the same. Then there's the buzz of the crowd itself. Although we boast a sociable chatroom function where gamers can interact with each other and our hosts, it's a different experience than being side-by-side at the table.

Then there's the cash aspect; for some, playing (and the chance to instantly win) physical money is all part of the appeal. Yes, the withdrawal process for any online winnings has become practically seamless, yet for many players, it doesn’t quite compare to the thrill of collecting real money from the desk after you’ve won a bet in-person.

What Other Games Can You Play in an Online Casino?

Virtual casinos give players the opportunity to expand their horizons in the online gaming world. You can play live casino games too, such as live blackjack and live roulette, which is the closest experience you will get to the land-based casinos without having to leave your home. Real live dealers are available around the clock in our live casino, with a range of classic games available to play, including MONOPOLY Live and Lightning Blackjack.

Online Slots

In addition to your favourite casino games, you can also explore our collection of online slots. We have classic slot games like Double Bubble and Fishin’ Frenzy, alongside some progressive jackpot slots that give you the opportunity to scoop big wins. Brick and mortar casinos do provide some slot machines, but there is a much smaller selection of them compared to the 900+ that we host online.


Our online casino also features a host of increasingly popular Slingo games, which are essentially slots with a bingo twist. You can buy tickets for these games, such as Slingo Rainbow Riches, and play for the chance to unlock bonus rounds and trigger instant cash prizes, and these are currently exclusively available online.

Bingo and Poker

Be sure to check out our offering of online bingo and poker too, both of which provide the chance for players to win big jackpot prizes.

Register with Virgin Games and enjoy over 50 online casino games, alongside our live casino offering, and more than 900 online slots to spin.