What Are Progressive Jackpot Slots?

Understand the ins and outs of progressive jackpots before getting started.
8th August 2023

Be in the know on online slot jackpots | Virgin Games

Here's the good news; jackpots aren't what they used to be. While hitting one is still the aim of the game, the variety of jackpots – and winning requirements – has evolved as the popularity of online slots has soared. 

Virgin Games regulars have probably heard of progressive jackpots. Newcomers (welcome, we like your style) potentially haven't. 

But hey, there's no judgement here – we're about to clear things up. And not just for our progressive jackpots, but about the variety of exciting prizes up for grabs when you become a member with us.

If you want to know all there is to know about online slot jackpots, keep on scrolling.

What is a Progressive Jackpot in Slots?

When it comes to the opportunity to win big money, many of our players favour online slots featuring a progressive jackpot prize – and with good reason.

Progressive jackpots work by gradually increasing over time. They start with an initial seed value, the amount differing from game to game. The prize money is determined by exactly when the winner lands on it – and this total can rack up to sizeable sums of real money over time. 

Contributions are made to these prize funds via a percentage of each bet placed on the slot, hence the varying total. After the lucky player has scooped the jackpot, this sum resets to its seed value. 

In 2022, the single biggest jackpot that was won on our site was an eye-popping £773,123, and players were paid out over £10,000,000 in jackpot winnings collectively. A total of 9,489 jackpots were claimed, and you could join those lucky players.

Timing really is everything. Some progressive jackpot games come with a countdown, meaning the prize must be scooped before the clock hits zero. Others will be triggered at a random time throughout the day. That's all part of the fun, right?

But here's the key takeaway; it's an extra way you can win when you play online slots with Virgin Games, and there's a potential to pocket a sizeable real money cash prize. 

There is no specific wager required in order to win one of these thrilling prizes, although you can improve your odds of winning one if you are playing progressive jackpot slots with a bigger stake size.

What Jackpot Slots are available on Virgin Games?

Daily Jackpot Slots

Play slots online with us, and you'll have the opportunity to spin a range of Daily Jackpot games.

The name’s the giveaway here; two progressive prizes are guaranteed to be paid out every single day. One will drop before 8pm, and the other has to be won before midnight. You can also play for the Hourly Jackpot, which is self-explanatory, in addition to the Quick Hit Jackpot, which can be activated on several occasions on a weekly basis, as there is no deadline.

More information about these exciting games is available on our Daily Jackpots hub, where you can find all of the slots that are connected to the Red Tiger system, including Arcade Bomb and Phoenix Fire: Power Reels.

Jackpot King Slots

Every slot player wants to land big wins, don’t they? Well, when you play our Jackpot King online slot games, you could achieve this. All of the games from this exciting series are connected to a promotional pot system, so no matter which slot you choose, you could trigger a prize at any time.

You will have the opportunity to play for one of these prizes if five Jackpot King symbols appear on individual reels on one of your spins. You will then be directed to the first of two possible bonus rounds, and your aim is to collect a total of 15 Crown symbols. If you manage to achieve this, you will enter the Wheel King Bonus.

When you have progressed to the final part in your quest to win the biggest prize, you will spin a wheel that is made up of huge multipliers and progressive jackpot segments. If the wheel lands on one of the progressive segments, then you will be a winner!

Other Jackpot Slot Games

Not only do you have the chance to spin some unique jackpot slots with us, but we also have a variety of online slot games that boast fixed jackpot prizes. For example, in Gold Blitz you could trigger the Mini, Minor or Mega prize by activating the Gold Blitz Bonus, and in this bonus round you have to collect the relevant symbols to win the awards.

Spin the reels in Wild Link Zeus and you could win the Mega Jackpot, which is the top prize available in the game, if three matching icons are revealed in the Prize Pick Bonus. The value of this award is a mighty 5,000x total bet multiplier.

You can explore all of our online slots, of which we have more than 900, and you will discover plenty of games that feature these incredible prizes. And who knows, you may just find a new favourite.

What Happens When You Win a Slot Jackpot?

More often than not, you will have to unlock a bonus round to play for a jackpot in an online slot game. If this applies to the game that you are in, then once your account has been credited with the winnings from the prize, you will be taken back to the base game. Once you are there, you can once again spin the reels and try to win another prize, or even a bonus feature. Take a look at the game information pages that we have for you to see which bonus rounds your slot includes – this could be Free Spins, Re-spins, Wild Reels or more!

If you’re new to slots and you want to find out more about some of the features that you can play in these games, then we’ve got you covered. Check out another of our posts, where we delve into some of the common bonus rounds that you can enjoy.

What Other Games Offer the Chance to Win a Jackpot?

As well as giving you the chance to play for exciting slot jackpots with us, you can also scoop huge prizes across other categories, including our online bingo games! You can buy tickets to enter some of these bingo rooms from only 1p, and every single day we pay out more than £20,000 in prizes on Superlinks Bingo. Whether your preference is 75 or 90-ball bingo, we’re sure we’ll have something that’s perfect for you. Progressive jackpots can be triggered across all of our online bingo games – browse through them and find the one that suits you best, and you could be a big winner if your numbers are called.

You can buy tickets for scratchcard games for another opportunity to land a jackpot! If you opt to play MONOPOLY Scratchcard Empire you will find four different scratchcards, and you could potentially win up to £10,000. You can also open the boxes in Deal or No Deal: What’s In Your Box Scratchcard, and this is connected to the Jackpot King promotional pot system that we mentioned previously.

Pull up a seat at our Caribbean Stud Poker Live tables, where you can go head-to-head with our live dealers. There is a progressive jackpot side bet within this game, which can still be won even if you lose your original hand.

As you can see, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to win a big real money prize when you play with Virgin Games. Register with us today and explore hundreds of games, featuring a number of the most popular slots and casino games around.