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21st December 2023

Discover some casino dice games

If you thought that playing in an online casino was just about roulette, blackjack and card games, then you’re very much mistaken.

The best online casinos are those that give you a range of different games, giving you more ways to play and more ways to win. This includes casino dice games, which have been an integral part of casino gaming throughout its history.

From Craps to Lightning Dice, and in our online and live environments, we’ve got you covered.

Classic Casino Dice Games

Two casino games are associated with dice more than most – Craps and Sic Bo. You can find both in a lot of land-based casinos, so of course, you can play them right here, too.


When it comes to casino dice games, Craps is the one that immediately comes to mind. If you’re new to online gaming, then it’s likely you will have seen this being played in casino-themed movies.

You will use two dice when you play Craps, and you place wagers on their total value when they have been rolled. The Pass Line Bet is generally thought of as the most common wager, as this is normally the first one placed in the game – to win this, you must roll a 7 or an 11, and this will trigger a payout at even money. You can find all of the information about the wagers that are available in Craps on our game page, as well as the side bets that are available like the Big 6 and Big 8 wagers.

If you prefer playing live casino games, then we also have Craps Live. You can take a seat with other players and a live dealer, just as you would if you were playing in a land-based casino.

Sic Bo

One of the oldest casino games you can play, Sic Bo translates as “dice pair” in Chinese. Sic Bo is, as you would expect, very popular in the casinos in Macau given its origin. It uses three dice, so don’t be fooled by the meaning of the name.

You have eight different betting options available in Sic Bo, which all relate to the overall total rolled by the dice. The highest payout you can be awarded in this online casino game is 209/1 on a Specific Triple, which is when all three dice roll the exact same number. There is also the chance to win up to 69/1 by accurately predicting the exact total of the three dice.

As this is an online casino game, you control every aspect of play. You can get started by hitting the ‘Reveal’ button, which will roll the dice and show whether your prediction was spot on.

Try Our Unique Casino Dice Games

Now that you know a little bit more about the classics, you may be interested in exploring some of our other casino dice games – and we wouldn’t blame you. We’ll kick off with something Nice…

Nice Dice

In this online casino game, you will have three rolls of five dice. In between rolls, you will be able to hold as many of the dice as you like, which will protect their score for the remainder of the game. 

Your aim is to complete a scoring hand at the end of the three rolls - the winning hands in Nice Dice have a little bit of a poker theme with a Full House and a Straight, although with five dice being used you can go one step further and land a Five of a Kind.

The top payout in this game is 9/1, which will be awarded if you hit Five of a Kind on your first roll. This is known as ‘Nice Dice’ – the clue is in the name, after all.

Lightning Dice

One of our live dealer casino games is Lightning Dice, with big prizes up for grabs as you place bets on the outcome of the dice being rolled.

Three dice are used in this live casino game, and wagers are placed on the value of all three of them when they’ve been rolled. After betting time has expired, lightning will strike either one or multiple random numbers and award them a multiplier value. This could be worth up to 1,000x – not a bad prize to win.

Bac Bo Live

If you’ve always wanted to try out Baccarat with dice instead of cards – and you’re not alone there – then check out Bac Bo Live.

Just like in baccarat, you will go head-to-head with the Banker. You and the Banker will each have two dice in individual shakers, and the winner will be whoever has the most valuable pair. You can place wagers on your own dice, the Banker’s dice or the result being a tie, so you must decide whether to back yourself in this game.

Snakes & Ladders Live

Discover the famous board game in live casino form by playing Snakes & Ladders Live, with the chance to trigger a huge win!

This game is played with four dice, and four special symbols can be displayed. If three SL symbols are rolled, then you will enter the Snakes & Ladders Bonus, where you will get to play an actual game of Snakes & Ladders! This round features an 8x8 grid, and you can pick up awards as you make progress. The top prize in this bonus is a 10,000x multiplier, which makes this potentially one of our most rewarding live casino games.

Boom City

Of course, when you play live casino games you want to have a variety of bonus games to try and trigger – and you can do just that in Boom City.

Boom City is played in our live studio with a 6x6 grid, and your aim is to accurately predict the squares that will win. Up to six squares can be selected, and the result is determined by rolling two dice. The Blue Dice is linked to the winning column, and the Gold Dice is connected to the number of the row.

Three different bonus rounds can be unlocked in Boom City: Boom or Bust Bonus, Dice Battle Bonus and the Lucky Drop Bonus. Dice will be rolled in each of these features to determine the winning prize, which could be a multiplier value.

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