Go on a slot adventure in Ancient Rome when you play Centurion.

Four Caesar’s bonuses can be played in this game, and free spins and multipliers are up for grabs with the Prize on Parade and Road to Rome bonuses.  

Wild Power Spins can turn whole reels into Wilds, plus Reel Modifiers can land on the reels at any point. 

Face the centurions.

    Centurion Slot Game Overview

    The bet sizes available in Centurion range from 20p to £40.

    Betting in this game is fixed at 20 paylines.


    Bonus Feature

    Bonus feature wins are awarded when three, four or five Bonus symbols land anywhere on the reels. 

    Four bonus games can be triggered in this slot.


    Wild symbols that appear in view during the reel game can be used as substitutes for all symbols excluding Bonus symbols.

    Reel Modifiers

    A Centurion may appear in the bottom right corner of the reels to award a reel modifier. 

    This may either award 'Super Bonus Reels', 'Reelus Maximus', five of a kind wins or a Big Win. 

    A reel modifier may not always be awarded by the Centurion.

    Bonus Feature

    You are presented with a feature wheel when the bonus is triggered, and you select a feature by spinning the wheel.

    Note: The outcome of this wheel is not necessarily that shown by the odds displayed. The bonus games available on the wheel depend on the amount of Bonus symbols that initially landed on the reels. 

    Three Bonus symbols hitting anywhere on the reels will display Prizes on Parade, Road to Rome, Wild Power Spins and Caesars Free Spins on the wheel. 

    If four Bonus symbols are displayed on the reels, you will see Road to Rome, Wild Power Spins and Caesars Free Spins on the wheel. 

    Five Bonus symbols anywhere in view results in Road to Rome and Wild Power Spins being shown on the wheel. 

    You have a greater chance of triggering a more valuable bonus if a higher number of Bonus symbols land on the reels.

    Prizes on Parade

    This feature consists of three shields, and each one contains a number of prizes in addition to an arrow and at least one collect. 

    To halt the dapple, you must press the 'Stop' button. 

    Landing on a prize will add that to the running total in the top left corner. 

    If you land on an arrow, you will advance to the next shield.

    Landing on a collect causes the feature to conclude with all culminated prizes. 

    'Collects' appear with a prize, and if you land on one you will be awarded that prize before exiting the feature. All prizes are multiplied by the value of the total bet.

    Caesar's Free Spins

    You are presented with two wheels when you activate this feature. 

    Each wheel must be spun to determine the number of free spins you will play with, plus a multiplier for each win within Free Spins.

    The screen will then change and the Free Spins screen is unveiled, and the amount of remaining spins you have can be viewed underneath the reels.

    All winnings will be multiplied by the multiplier that was previously selected on the wheel.

    Road to Rome

    You will see a game board with a Centurion figure at the top. 

    In this feature, your aim is to roll the dice and move the Centurion around the board, picking up prizes along the way. 

    Choose 'Roll' to roll the dice. The 'Roll' button will display the number of rolls you have remaining. 

    Two extra rolls will be granted if the Centurion lands on a square with dice on it.

    Once a prize or extra rolls have been awarded, the square transforms into an arrow. 

    Should you land on the arrow, you will advance one square forward. By advancing to Rome, you have the chance to scoop some fantastic prizes.

    To advance to Rome, you can either successfully navigate the Centurion to the end of the board, or land on the 'Go to Rome' square in the middle. 

    When you achieve this, a number of large prizes become available. A dapple will select one of these prizes at random, and it will then be added to the running total for this feature. The total bet is used to multiply all prizes.

    Wild Power Spins

    Three 'Wild Power Spins' are awarded with this feature. 

    The Centurion will drop down and place three wilds vertically down the second reel during the first spin. Any wins at this point will be added to the running total. 

    On the second spin, the Centurion drops down and place three wilds vertically down the third reel, with any winnings subsequently being added to the running total. 

    On the third spin, which is also the last, the Centurion will drop down and place wilds on the fourth reel. 

    Once the wins for the third spin have accumulated, the feature finishes.

    Reel Modifiers

    When the Centurion blows his trumpet in the bottom right corner of the reel screen, reel modifiers are awarded.

    During a normal spin, four possible reel modifiers can be awarded randomly.

    Reelus Maximus

    A Colossal symbol can adopt any position on the reels. This will represent one symbol across 3 x 3 symbol positions on the reels.

    Super Bonus Reels

    A higher number of Bonus symbols will be displayed for a single spin, giving you a significantly better chance to trigger one of the bonus games.

    Big Win

    A big win is assured when the Centurion announces a 'Big Win'. 

    You will trigger a large win featuring the high paying 'Centurion' symbol.

    Five of a kind

    This guarantees that one or more 'five of a kind' reel win will appear on the reels.

    Return to Player

    Return To Player (RTP): 95.00%.

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £95.00.

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