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Daily Double Jackpot Slots

Discover more chances to win with our Daily Progressive Jackpot games.

Arcade Bomb

Watch out for lucrative explosions in Arcade Bomb.

Three different kinds of bombs can be displayed on the reels. When they explode, the symbols caught in its specific blast patterns will be transformed into an identical mystery symbol.

Dragon's Luck

Slay a mythical beast in Dragon's Luck.

All Dragon Coins that land in this online slot game will simultaneously rotate, consequently revealing identical symbols. In the Dragon’s Help feature, you wake the dragons on the side of the reels, resulting in them spinning the coins again into higher value symbols. The Mega Coin symbol fills 3x3 symbols on the reels, and the dragon assists in transforming it into multiple Dragon Coins by breathing fire on it, and in Mega Fortune you are able to view the 138 symbol filling the reels.

Dragon's Luck: Power Reels

With an added extra reel, Dragon's Luck: Power Reels is the slot game for you.

Every Dragon Coin that appears on the reels in this slot game will collectively rotate in order to unveil identical symbols. Wake the dragons on the side of the reels in Dragon’s Help, and they will subsequently re-spin the coins, thus modifying them into greater value symbols. The Mega Coin symbol fills 3x3 symbols on the reels, which the dragon will then transform into several Dragon Coins by breathing fire on it. The final feature enables you to watch as the 138 symbol filling the reels.

Jack In A Pot

Try your luck at winning a fortune in Jack In A Pot.

You can receive Cluster Pays in this game if you land five or more identical symbols in a cluster. These winning clusters are then removed from the reels and replaced by symbols falling from above.

There are four different types of Wild symbols in Jack In A Pot, therefore allowing a greater level of assistance in creating wins, and each Wild activates an alternate feature when it’s part of a winning cluster. In Rainbow Swaps, a giant rainbow is displayed on the reels, and swaps random tiles for identical symbols, while reels can be covered in beers in Beer Reels, resulting in them being filled with identical symbols. The Magic Pipe feature allows a minimum of one high paying symbol to be transformed into a mega tile, and in Hat-Trick low paying symbols are extracted from the reels in order to increase the likelihood of bigger wins.

In Feature Frenzy, all Wilds that you collected in free spins are activated one after the other following the conclusion of the final spin.

Laser Fruit

Smash some fruits with lasers in Laser Fruit.

The Laser Expanding Reels enhance your chances of winning, as they give you more opportunities to win by expanding the reels after triggering at random. In addition to that, you have the ability to re-trigger the Free Spins Bonus up to a maximum of 10 times.

Lucky Little Devil

Meet the Lucky Little Devil, our online slot with plenty of features.

A random number of Little Devil Coins will be awarded to you once the Lucky Little Devil has jumped into the middle of the reels in the Little Stroke of Luck feature. These coins represent mystery symbols, and they spin sequentially to reveal an identical symbol. Following a spin, you may receive a Little Helping Hand from the Lucky Little Devil, who has the ability to improve the outcome of it. This character can also spin special reels that consist entirely of Little Devil Coins, and once it stops turning, all of the symbols will spin simultaneously in order to land on a massive mystery win.

During Fiendish Free Spins, the Lucky Little Devil may decide to throw the Mega Devil Coin into the mix, and this feature can be activated by landing three Lucky Little Devil symbols on the reels.

Lucky Wizard

Cast a spell on the jackpot in Lucky Wizard.

Random Wilds can magically appear on the reels when touched by the Wizard’s staff, and he can also cast a spell to prevent any low value symbols from appearing on the reels. The Wizard’s magical powers can be used to cause at least one reel to nudge into a winning combination, and in a feature named Lucky Swap, he replaces low paying symbols with high value ones.

The Lucky Win symbol triggers an instant win of a pot full of cold coins, and multipliers propel you along the Lucky Bonus feature towards the golden chest.

Mayan Gods

Worship the Gods in our divine slot, Mayan Gods.

Through the Mayan Chain Reaction section, all symbols that form part of a winning combination are replaced by new symbols, and the Mayan Multiplier is activated by each win and increases following every re-spin. The Mayan King symbol acts as a Wild 2x2 symbol to help form wins, while the 2x2 Mayan Eclipse symbol transforms itself and other randomly selected tiles into identical symbols.

High paying symbols can replace low paying symbols in this game too with the Mayan UFO, meaning your chances of a big win are enhanced. You also have the opportunity to receive a multiplier increase via the Mayan Shaman, and all symbols are subsequently eliminated the reels, thus causing a re-spin.

Mega Dragon

Have a fiery experience and land a jackpot in Mega Dragon.

You can use Wild symbols to replace all other symbols, and these are also awarded whenever you have a winning cluster of high-paying symbols. Random symbols become Wild in the Golden Dragon feature, which is activated by two or more adjacent Wilds appearing. The Green and Red Dragon features are also triggered in this manner; the former converts random symbols to the same type of high-paying symbol, while with the Red Dragon transforms a random high-paying symbol into a 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 sized Mega Tile.

Mystery Reels

Solve our Mystery Reels game to win an array of prizes.

After cloning itself, the Mystery symbol will reveal an identical symbol. Spins of the wheel are boosted by the Wheel Bonus, which may award direct stake multipliers, extra spins, or they may boost the multipliers for the chance of even bigger prizes on following spins!

Mystic Wheel

Discover what a spin on our Mystic Wheel could have in store for you!

On each reel one Mystic Wheel symbol could land, and if a minimum of three show up then you activate the Mystic Wheel Bonus. For each symbol you will receive one spin, up to a maximum of five. The wheel can land on one of five prizes, such as a win multiplier that gives out a stake multiplier of a certain value, as well as accumulating all win multipliers in a single round. You could also see the value of all win multipliers doubled, or have a random number of + spins or + to all win multipliers. The final two options are adding a certain value to all win multipliers, or you could be awarded a number of extra spins.

Persian Fortune

Mega symbols are in play in our themed slot Persian Fortune.

With the Chain Reaction Bar feature, symbols that form part of a winning line will disappear, and are consequently replaced by new symbols to create more opportunities for wins, and any random symbol can transform into a Wild thanks to the Magic Persian Wilds section. Huge stake multipliers are accessible too, simply by picking from three Magic Carpets in the Magic Carpet Bonus. Via the Mega Symbols, any symbol in this game is capable of transforming any symbol into Mega 2x2 or 3x3 tiles.

Phoenix Fire: Power Reels

Set the reels alight with Wild symbols and Free Spins in Phoenix Fire: Power Reels.

The Phoenix Fire Wild symbol in the base game can turn all adjacent symbols Wild if it lands. If no Phoenix Wilds appear you can still win however, as a Phoenix can arrive on the reels at random. When this occurs, all winged symbols are activated and become Wild. Finding seven Free Spins symbols anywhere on the reels triggers the Free Spins feature. You receive seven Free Spins, though you can earn seven bonus spins if a further three Free Spins symbols are displayed.

Pirates' Plenty: Battle For Gold

Win the treasure and a potential 5,000x multiplier in Pirates' Plenty: Battle For Gold.

Finding Map Symbols in order to unlock the Wild Island Row, where you are able to track your in-game progress on the treasure map. Furthermore, the unlocked feature brings additional Wild symbols into the game, and these could accompanied by multipliers ranging from 2-5x. If two Wild multipliers form part of a win line they become stacked, and the two are multiplied together to enhance the win; two 3x multipliers would create a 9x boost, for example.

When the Wild Monkey symbol lands, all low-paying symbols are substituted for ones with higher values. As this process is completed, the Wild Monkey will stay in the location of the symbol that was most recently removed, with a multiplier being applied. This can show up at any time, though that doesn't include during Battle Spins.

Battle Spins is triggered by three Battle Spins symbols appearing anywhere on the reels, and any Wild symbols that are displayed in this section will lock for the entire Bonus Round. The Fire! symbol can appear during Battle Spins, and this causes a cannonball to be fired, turning into a Wild when it lands, or granting +1 Spin by hitting the opposite ship. If a Cannonball lands on another Wild symbol, it will add or increase a multiplier to it, and only one Fire! symbol can show up at once. If Captain Blackbeard appears, he throws Wild bombs at the reels.

Pirates' Plenty: The Sunken Treasure

Dare to walk the plank in Pirates' Plenty: The Sunken Treasure.

Collect Map symbols in order to move the ship along the treasure map to take you closer to landing some cash. Wild symbols have an interesting feature in Pirates' Plenty: The Sunken Treasure, as they are designed to be extra tall, and possess the ability to cover an entire reel. To activate Ocean Free Spins, three Ocean Spins symbols are required to appear on the reels, and you will be awarded 10 free spins as a result.

Well Of Wishes

Throw your Lucky Coins down the Well Of Wishes to have your wishes granted.

When Lucky Coins land on a spin they act as Wild symbols, and each coin is individually stored in a progress bar above the slot. Once five coins have been collected, they are thrown into the Well Of Wishes, thus granting a wish and swapping a random symbol type for Wilds. Not only that, but the Well could also swap every symbol of a second random type for Wilds too.

Similarly to Lucky Coins, Lucky Spins symbols can land on any reel, though if less than three appear it locks the reels for the following spin, therefore giving you another chance to reach the bonus round. If three of these symbols land in any position on the reels, you receive 10 Free Spins. All symbols that are replaced by Wilds by the Well of Wishes in Lucky Spins stay as Wilds for the entirety of the bonus round. You can earn extra Free Spins by collecting five Lucky Coins during this feature, while the hit rate of Lucky Coin symbols during Lucky Spins relates to the sum of Lucky Coins collected in the base game before to the bonus round.

Wild Cats

Tame the Wild Cats in order to reap the potential rewards.

The Wild Lion symbol enables you to replace any paying symbol to help create extra wins. Furthermore, during Royal Spins, they will remove a random symbol after any wins have been paid, and low-paying symbols remain off the reels, increasing the chances of a bigger payout. In order to activate the Royal Spins feature, you need at least three Royal Spins symbols to appear anywhere on the reels. The bigger the number of symbols displayed, the more free spins you will be awarded.

Daily Jackpot Slots

Our incredible Daily Double Jackpot Slots give you an enormous opportunity to win an amazing progressive jackpot twice a day! The two Daily Jackpots continue to grow throughout the day, with one jackpot guaranteed to be won before 8pm, and the other one certain to drop before midnight. We even have a Quick Drop Jackpot available, which is a smaller jackpot prize that pays out multiple times throughout the course of the day.

Quick Drop Jackpot

Quick Drop Jackpots offer smaller winnings than its respective jackpots, though the benefit of this feature is that several payouts are made during the day. They are available on any spin you play, so keep trying your luck at those Red Tiger Jackpot Slots to enhance the possibility of scooping one of these exciting progressive jackpots.

Early Drop Jackpot

Our Early Drop Jackpots are progressive slot games that enlarge throughout the day, though they have to be claimed before the 8pm deadline. The chances of winning one of these incredible online jackpots increases in correlation with the size of the stake you play with. Once the jackpot is won, it instantly resets and starts accumulating again for the following day.

Late Drop Jackpot

Check out our Late Drop Jackpot, designed to pay out specifically before midnight every day of the week! These progressive online jackpots accumulate over the course of the day before being won by one extremely fortunate player. Go to bed with the thrill of being a jackpot winner with this incredible Late Drop Jackpot!