Live Signature Roulette

Live Signature Roulette

Experience the very best in Live Casino with Virgin Games Live Signature Roulette, broadcast from our exclusive studios every day from 2pm - 2am.

We even offer players extra chances to win on every spin with our unique Streets of Gold side bet feature.

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Game Features

Experience Virgin Games Live Signature Roulette in high definition video.

This game can be played in both landscape and portrait mode.

To bet, simply choose your chip from the chip tray and place it on the designated areas of the wheel.



This 'neighbours of zero' bet places nine wagers on the wheel.

- one wager covering 0, 2 and 3.

- one wager covering 4 and 7.

- one wager covering 12 and 15.

- one wager covering 18 and 21.

- one wager covering 19 and 22.

- two wagers covering 25, 26, 28 and 29.

- one wager covering 32 and 35. 



This 'third of the wheel' bet places six wagers on the wheel.

- one wager covering 5 and 8.

- one wager covering 10 and 11.

- one wager covering 13 and 16.

- one wager covering 23 and 24.

- one wager covering 27 and 30.

- one wager covering 33 and 36.



This 'oprhans' bet covers all the numbers not included in the other bets.

- one wager covering 1.

- one wager covering 6 and 9.

- one wager covering 14 and 17.

- one wager covering 17 and 20.

- one wager covering 31 and 34. 



This option allows you to place bets on numbers immediately next to your selected number as it appears on the wheel. 



Covers a single number.
Covers two numbers.
Covers three numbers.
Covers four numbers.
Covers six numbers.
Covers 12 numbers.
Covers 12 numbers.
Even Money
Red/black, High/low, Even/Odd bets.


Half Back Rule (La Partage)

You will receive half of your stake back on all even money bets if the ball lands on 0.


Streets of Gold Side Bet

This is a side bet that is resolved over a number of roulette results.

The aim of this game is to light up as many streets as possible to win.

A street is lit when the roulette result is one of the three numbers in that street.

The more streets that you light up, the more you win.

You will get your money back when five streets have been lit.

You need to see at least six streets light up to win a prize.

This game ends when a number is spun in a street that is already lit.

You can only place this bet on the betting round that is immediately after this feature has ended.

Streets Lit Pays
5 x1
6 x2
7 x3
8 x5
9 x10
10 x25
11 x50
12 x500


Return to Player (RTP)

Return to Player: 98.65%

The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

For example, on the main table, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £98.65 of wins.

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